Business Establishment

The business holder must be in that business for at least 3 years and businesses should be in profit from last 2 years.


To get a business loan, the minimum turnover of any firm should be Rs 40 lakhs.


Income should be based on your 3 years financials.

Firm Type

For a business like manufacturing and trading, types of the firm included are partnership firm, sole proprietorship firms, private limited company, service organisation.

Age Limit

The eligible age for such loans should be between 21-65.


How much business loan amount can I avail ?

Business loan amount will depend on your business profile (turnover / ITR and other parameters)

What is the loan period for business loan ?

Business loan tenure is from 12 to 48 months 

How much business loan amount can I avail ?

Business loan can be availed by both professional and nonprofessional who are self employed .

What are the factors which will affect the rate of interest ?

There are three major factors which affect your rate of interest :

– Higher the amount lower will be the interest rate 

– Higher the turnover lesser will be the interest rate 

– Longer the business tenure lower the interest rate

What fees are associated with business loan ?

Fees are dependent on loan packages and further it can be discussed .

What is the payment mode for repayment ?

You can repay your loan either through Post Dated Cheques or ECS.

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