After food and clothing, Home is the basic necessity in today’s life. To purchase a house, many people need to cut down their other expenditures. But nowadays to fulfill your dream several home loan options are available. Although, one drawback is it may embroil you which option suits your needs and also based on your income profile and location.


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There are different sorts of home loans.


Home Purchase Loan: This type of home loan is used when the buyer is directly purchasing a new property from the seller. Both floating rate and fixed rates are provided on this type of loan.

Home Construction Loan: This is another type of home loan product in which the financial institutes offer the finance to a customer so that they can build a home in a selected area or a plot according to their choice. The main feature of this loan is that loan is disbursed in installments as per the customer’s requirements. Additionally, save extra by paying interest only on the funds used instead of the total amount.

Home Improvement Loan: Home improvement loan is also known as a home renovation loan. This loan is provided to the customer when he/she wants to renovate his property that has already been constructed. The criteria and documentation of this loan are similar to any other loan. The expenses included in this loan are paintwork, plumbing work, electrical work, repair work, etc.

Land Purchase Loan: According to the name only, this loan is provided to a customer in order to purchase a plat or lands. The bank usually provides  funds 70-80% loan amount, against a plain land or plot.

Home Loan Top-up: This loan is provided only on the running home loans. The rate of interest on this loan is lower as compared to a personal loan and  mortgage loan. In this important point is that home loan top-up is sanctioned only when existing home loan has a regular repayment schedule for 2 years. The main feature of this loan is less documentation and quick disbursement. The loan amount of this loan can be used for any purpose like in construction, renovation, wedding, vacation trip, etc.

Home Loan Balance Transfer: Most popular home loan among customers is Home loan Balance transfer. In order to reduce current interest rate, balance transfer facility is used. And we can also take Top-up loan along with Bank transfer.

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There are a lot of factors which comes into action while checking the eligibility of loan and if any of the required factors is not satisfied then it becomes difficult for the customer to get the loan.

Some of the eligibility criteria of home loan are mentioned below:-

Income: This is the first thing the loan lending company checks before financing the customer. The range of one’s income decides the amount of loan they can get from the loan lending company or a bank. So, it is one of the most important factors in a home loan.

Profile: Eligibility criteria also depends on your business profile.

Tenure: If the customer is choosing a longer tenure than they can be financed more amount of money with less EMI rates.

Age: Age comes to action while calculating the tenure of your loan.

Property Attributes: Banks and loan lending company furnish loan up to 75%-80% of the value of the house one has already owned. For example, if one has a home of value 100 lakhs then they will be able to avail loan up to 75%-80%.

Co-applicant: If someone does not have enough income to avail loan then they can have the aid of co-applicant as in family member or relative. This increases the overall value of his income. And hence, eligible to avail loan.

CIBIL score: CIBIL score is about your report of the credit history. This report helps to know about the repayment track of the customer. So, the bank or loan lending company can ensure that you can repay the loan.


Bank / NBFC

Rate of Interest

Min – Max Amount 

Min – Max Tenure

ICICI  Bank 8.80 %  onwards* ₹ 5 Lakh -₹ 10 Crore 1- 30 years
HDFC Housing loan 8.60 %  onwards* ₹ 5 Lakh -₹ 10 Crore 1- 30 years
IDFC Home loan  9 %  onwards* ₹ 30 Lakh Min 5-30 Years
Kotak Mahindra 8.90% onwards* Depends on applicant’s profile Upto 20 years
Axis Bank 8.90% onwards* ₹ 5 Lakh -₹ 10 Crore Upto 30 years
Citi Bank 8.20% onwards* ₹ 5 Lakh -₹ 10 Crore 1- 25 years
Bajaj Finserv 8.80% onwards* ₹ 10 Crore Upto 25 years
PNB Housing 8.90% onwards* ₹ 8Lakh Min 1-30 Years
Tata Capital 8.80% onwards* Upto 25 years
Standard Chartered 9.41 % onwards* Max 15 Cr Upto 25 years
LIC 8.40 % onwards* Max 15 Cr Upto 25 years

* T&C applied and these terms vary from time to time 





Self Employed Professional

Self Employed Non-Professional

Application form with photograph duly signed
Identity and age proof- Require Voter ID/DL/Aadhar card/PAN Card/ Passport
For  Address Proof– Utility Bill/ Bank Passbook/Voter ID
Latest 6 months bank statements
Latest 3 months Salary-slips
Form 16 / Income Tax Returns
Proof of business existence
Business profile
Education qualification certificate and registration certificate
Processing fee cheque
Last 3 years Income Tax Returns with computation
Last 3 years CA Certified / Audited Balance Sheet and P & L Account

* T&C applied and these terms vary from time to time 


– We want Sale deed or sale agreement with the builder (needs original copy)
– Tax paid receipts of land and building, location sketch or drawing of a property which needs to be certified by the revenue authorities.
– Letter of allotment given by the Housing Board/Society/Private builder
– Need advance payments, original receipts that are given towards the flat purchase.
– Require building plan’s (key plan/floor plan in case of purchase of flats) approved copy
– Original No objection certificate (NOC) from the housing society or builder
– Letter from the builder/society/housing board, stating their account number and the name of their bankers for the remittance of installments
– We need Allotment letter & Possession letter 
– Payment Receipts 
– NOC from Competent authority if applicable 
– Copy of patta / lease deed / conveyance deed with site plan 
– Copy of registry of past chain of property if applicable 
– With Site plan approved maps of property / society if available
– Permission to mortgage of competent authority if applicable 
– Any other document of property lika  will gift deed / relinquish deed etc which is a part of chain documents of said property 
– Copy of ATS between seller & buyer