For residential property: 55% to 65%

For commercial property: 40% to 50% (Varies according to bank by 5%  to 10%)

For salaried Individuals: 60% ( EMI per lac)

For self-employed individuals: 65% (EMI per lac)


What collateral will I have to provide to avail the loan ?

You can provide your residential or commercial property as collateral to avail a loan 

What is the maximum loan amount I can avail against my property ?

You can avail loan amount maximum of 70% of the market value of your property .

Can I add co- applicant while applying for loan against property ?

Yes you can add your spouse as a co applicant. By adding the co applicant you have a good opportunity to avail higher amount of loan. If the property is co-owned then it is mandatory to include all co owners as a co applicants

What loan duration options are available in case of loan against property ?

Loan tenure is available  from 1 year to 15 years 

What are the key advantages of LAP over unsecured loans ?

LAP is loan in which you collateral your property as a security because of which you can borrow a higher amount of loan . In case of unsecured you can avail small amount of loan . Also the tenure of LAP is more than an unsecured loan which reduces the EMI burden .

Can I avail overdraft / cash credit facility against my property?

Yes you can easily avail this facility. The advantage of this variant is that you would pay the interest only on utilized loan amount .

I have an open land. Can I apply for a loan against property ?

Mostly all private banks do not offer loan on open land .Bank might sanction a loan after compete valuation and satisfactory checks .

Can I apply for loan on my industrial land ?

There are few private banks which are offering loan on commercial lands. Generally the rate of interest is high as compared to loan against residential property .

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